About The Photographer

Hi! I'm Jaye, and I find "About Me" pages highly difficult - there's a reason I love to be behind the lens, not in front of it! I guess you could say I'm quirky, shy, and quite the homebody. Photography has always been an avenue in which I could overwrite these traits with a more loud, confident, and artistic personality that I've always wished I could exude by myself.

i love celebrating
your love & life

I'm a little bit Native American, a little bit Irish, a little bit cat lady and a LOT of horse crazy. I drink too much tea, I can't wait to live in the country, and I love celebrating your love and life. Whether you have a horse to include in your session or not, I'd love to connect with you and be the one to capture what your heart treasures the most. Contact me and let's chat!

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